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Morino Studio

Events Management, Social Relations, Fashion

"Total Look" courses

The way one acts, looks, moves and presents themselves is essential in dealing with others. Our image reaches the others before our words do, and can be more influential.

"Total Look" courses are addressed to all those who want to enhance and improve its image both for pleasure and like each other more, both to gain greater security in the professional field. To be "winning at first sight" as are many industrial and financial groups that regularly offer such courses to managers and staff of the company.


Deportment: prepares to walk and move with ease and naturalness. It’s fundamental to acquire self-confidence to communicate with others in the best way.

Make-Up: helps to give the face expression and intensity. It’s essential to know how make-up properly, using the colors and shades more suited to his face to correct imperfections and irregularities.

Hair-Styling: hairstyle and hair cut emphasize the body's contours. Locate the most suitable hairstyle is important to bring out the best personality and charm.

Color Analisys: select the colors that are best suited to the individual both in clothing and in make-up and help to enhance the visual and communicative impact.

Study of the figure: analyzes the individual physical characteristics and chooses fabrics, lines, details and accessories that suit the person, creating harmony and balance in the figure.

Personal Shopper: always up to date on the latest trends, professional fashion and style, advises and teaches how to identify the garments and accessories that best suit your needs, optimizing time and budget.


"Total Look" courses may include one or more materials, specially selected according to the different needs. The duration of the courses can be either daily, in the form of seminar, either monthly or bi-monthly, with lessons from 2-3 hours each.

You can modulate and customize the program and duration of the "Total Look" courses, depending on the needs and objectives that are most popular.